Amazing Facts about Dhinchak Pooja that will Blow your mind!


All of you Know who is Dhinchak Pooja!

So here are some Facts about Dhinchak PooHja oh wait! Pooja!

1. Her real Pooja Jain.(yeah all jains are not that dharmik lol!)

2.she was born in Uttar Pradesh! (no doubt),And now lives in capital new delhi!


3.Her birth date??

Oh yeah we know it it is 16 December.(no doubt! December kids are beautiful and talented) she is 24 old right now!

4. She started her YouTube channel not as a singer but as a comedy channel.

5. Her estimated monthly income is somewhere between 400$ to 4500$.(Vespa Audi aise hi nahi aa rahi!)

6. She is a student in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

7. She also handles her Facebook fan page by a fake profile ‘Arushi Jain’