Delhi’s Tihar Jail Got Its First Open-Air Gymnasium And It’s A Big Hit


There is a new fad of fitness spreading in all over the world and people are taking serious measures to achieve their fitness goals. The prisons of foreign countries also have their own gymnasium because the health of a prisoner also matters. India took its first step for the fitness of prisoners by introducing open-air gymnasium in Tihar Jail.

The Tihar Jail in West Delhi is the largest and most crowded jail in India. This gym has around four fitness machines which are used by prisoners in given time slots. The gym is mostly used by the elder prisoners who are suffering from obesity or arthritis. The prison officials have opened the gym in the park of jail 1, the other two jails will get their gym in coming weeks.

Who Is The Trainer In Tihar Jail Gym?

The prison officials said that there is no scarcity of doctors or trainers in the jail. There are some people behind the bar who are good trainers. They took the opportunity of giving training to the prisoners. These volunteers will be giving training sessions to the prisoners in allotted slots.

Idea Of Gym

The idea of the gym was first introduced by the prison officials who wanted to adopt the modern prison project. They realised some drawbacks in the current prison system after comparing it to different systems. The elder people of prison also complained about their health, which motivated the officials to start a gym. Earlier, there used to be some yoga sessions for prisoners, but that was not enough, they were looking for physiotherapy.

Gym, A Hit

Now the new gym has become a hit among the prisoners, so the prison officials decided to open the gym for two other jails also. The officials also assigned timetables for all the prisoners so that everyone gets a chance to use the gym. The prisoners can use the facilities of the gym either in the morning or in the evening.

Bright Side

There are some young prisoners who are taking the training from volunteered trainers. They liked the training sessions and now planning to become a trainer in future. The prisoners of Tihar Jail are happy with the open-air gymnasium as they can finally focus on their health.

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