LOL: These Places In India Having Such Weird Names That You Prefer Not To Speak.


It is true that this world is full of beauty and fun. We should always be happy and contended. We think Indians took it seriously and ended up creating some weird names of places that we can’t even pronounce publicly. There are some places in India which will make you laugh with their names and the first question you get that time will be ‘Who the hell in this world can think about these names?’ Here we are mentioning some places in India having such weird names that you prefer not to speak in front of anyone.

Here we are mentioning some such places, having weird names that you prefer not to speak in front of anyone. Get ready for the heavy dose of laughter, *giggles*.

1. Kala Bakra, Punjab

Kala Bakra, sounds like you will find a good amount of ‘Kala Bakra’ at this place. What would the children of this place mention in their resumes? This name seriously deserves first place in our list. Hold your seat tight as this piece is full of fun.

2. Bhosari, Pune

Let us stand all together to have a silence of 2 minutes for the prosperity of this place. Like who the hell on this planet would think a name like this? This shows that there was something wrong with the people of that time.

3. Poo, Himachal Pradesh

Poo or some people call it Pooh, is a small district in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. We think earlier, people had no idea that the innovations in English will generate a new word ‘Poo” and how this innovation will make a fun of this beautiful district.

4. Bhabua, Bihar

Pagla Gye Ho Ka Bhabua? This is what the people of this place must use often in their conversations. People of this place must be inspired by the slang of Lalu Prasad. *Face Palm*

5. Chutia, Jharkhand

We have no words to describe our pains after reading this. We wonder how come people of that time are so brilliant that they found these names? And we are completely dead after seeing this ‘Chutia Branch’, *Hoping*.

6. Roberts Ganj, UP

Britishers have left the country years ago but they forgot to take everything with them. There is a place called Roberts Ganj in UP, the state where the illiteracy rate is very high. But the people of this area carry some swag while they say ‘Rouberts Gannj’.

7. Titwala, Mumbai

Okay, do you guys want to hear more? We don’t even know how to react. What to say to the autowalas? Bhaiyaa Titwala chaloge? That is weird.

8. Dudu, Rajasthan

We are not saying anything now, let us just skip this and move to the next one. You guys are welcome to put your views and thoughts on this name though.


9. Kutta, Karnataka

Yes, there is a place with the name ‘Kutta’. We wonder about the situation of every person there. Nevermind, let us look at the last name now.

10. Chomu, Rajasthan

We are done here, Chomu.

Note: This post is just for fun, we are not intended to disrespect any person or place in this content. We are also the citizens of India and humour is there in our nerves. Please enjoy the post and keep the happy mode on.

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