Ye Toh Chitting Hai: Rakhi Sawant As Honeypreet In Ram Rahim’s Biopic


There are few people in this world who don’t exactly need an introduction and Rakhi Sawant is one of them. Every single person of India is aware of the personality Rakhi Sawant. She likes to be in limelight whether by a kiss or by wearing ‘Modi-Dress’. This time also, she grabbed the attention of Indians but by playing Honeypreet In Ram Rahim’s Biopic. She is making this movie with her brother Rakesh Sawant.

Yes, she has started the shooting of Ram Rahim’s biopic and playing the character of Honeypreet to unveil all the evil doings of father-daughter duo. Rakhi Sawant, as you all know, is famous for her statements, couldn’t control her tongue in this case too. She made some serious statements about the relations between Ram Rahim and Honeypreet.

Kale Kartoot Expose Krege

She strongly stated that we will expose all the evil doings of Ram Rahim and Honeypreet so that people don’t fall into the trap of so-called BABAs. She appreciated her brother when he came up with this idea of the biopic and immediately started the shooting.

Bohot Jald Hi Daal Me Kuch Kaala Laga

She has given the statement ‘I was introduced to them as father-daughter, lekin jald hi Mujhe daal me Kuch kaala laga‘. There was nothing like father-daughter relation in their behavior.’

Mera Toh Dimaag Hil Gaya

According to her, she was invited to meet Ram Rahim in The Marriott, where she saw ‘viagra’ in Ram Rahim’s room. She said ‘What was ‘viagra’ doing in a godman’s room? Mera toh dimaag hil gaya. I decided that one day I will expose him, so here I am’.

Now, we are interested in telling you the name of the film, and it is ‘AB INSAAN HOGA’ and they have already completed the shooting of one song, ‘BEWAFA’.

Rakhi, we have one question here, why didn’t you show up your bright side before Ram Rahim Verdict? Why you always come into the picture after the incident? You could have helped the police and CBI in collecting shreds of evidence.

Well, we are not supposed to express our feelings here, why don’t you guys put up your thoughts in the comment section below?

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